Why is Email Marketing still effective today?

If you have been punting your digital marketing efforts, there is no doubt that Email Marketing is at the top of your list to achieve your businesses marketing goals. Since 1971, emails have been the number one tool to directly educate a target audience on your products and services, as well as increase website traffic and sales. But can’t social media do this for me? Yes of course! Although emails have proven repeatedly to be the most personalised, effortless way to educate and build relationships with current and potential customers. And if it works well, there is no reason why you shouldn’t implement it.

So how is this strategy beneficial to my digital marketing efforts you ask? Here are some benefits to email marketing

1. Cost Effective

Email marketing has managed to stay at the top of digital marketing strategies since it is an affordable way for all businesses big or small to turn your leads into customers, which in turn increases ROI.

2. Relevant

94% of internet users use emails, while only 61% use social media. A further 75% of respondents express that email marketing is their preferred way of receiving marketed related content. Notably, email marketing is only received through consent, meaning that people want to view your content.

3. Creative

Aspects like the subject headline are an easy, yet creative way to get your leads to read your emails by targeting interest topics. Email marketing also gives users the freedom to add custom landing pages that will improve its appeal and relevance, thus promoting action and increasing website traffic. Furthermore, the overall design is flexible, meaning that layout, images, and colour can be altered to your visual targeting preferences.

4. Measurable

Email marketing gives further insight into analytics and reports which can be easily measured to identify all aspects of a campaigns such as open rates, click-through rates and conversions to clearly measure what works well, and what doesn’t to identify what content your target audience wants to read.

5. Personal

Emails allow business to add a personal element to their content, such as adding the recipients name. Additionally, businesses can make it even more personal by sending a large amount of relevant, dynamic emails, to specific target audiences which all come from one person in the company. This creates a personal connection rather than a simple customer to business relationship, further increasing response rates.

If implemented correctly, email marketing can work wonders on your marketing campaigns and generate your desired income. That is why at Catch the Beat we help our clients implement the best email marketing strategies simply because we have tried and tested them all for you. Try our Free 2 weeks trail: https://catchthebeat.ca/free-trail

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