Why does SEO take so long?

The most frequently asked digital marketing question – “How long does SEO take?”. To answer this simple question, requires a not so simple explanation, as SEO is constantly changing due to the rise of technology and how people use them.


Firstly, if you are still identifying a set of 5-10 relevant, non-competitive, traffic driven keywords that you consider “golden keywords” then you are still using the old SEO strategy.

The latest SEO keyword strategy uses natural language search due to technologies like “Siri” which allow people to talk to their search bar, naturally. Notably, people also include more detail in their searches to find what they are looking for faster. Additionally, more detailed keywords are easier to rank as they aren’t competitive. Traffic from these keywords also convert at a higher rate as they are more relevant.


Secondly, if you have competition offline, there will be even more online due to our ever-growing global village. The more competing websites, the more time required for results. Mostly importantly, you are up against top performing pages who have SEO professionals in their army, making it a longer, harder battle to the top.


Thirdly, you need good quality content for your SEO efforts to be judged correctly by Google. Your content needs to showcase authority on relevant topics and answer any questions your customers may have about your products and services. Whether it be long or short the content – word count doesn’t matter.  Additionally, there is never “too much” content to be shared. Although, a publishing schedule helps regulate content and keep users returning to your site, which in total speeds up SEO efforts.



There is no real way of saying exactly how long SEO can take to thrive. Maile Ohye who works with Google search suggests that it will take between 4-12 months to start seeing some results. However, it all comes down to how well the above factors are implemented.

Website owners need to consider that SEO is never ending, ongoing investment. Once you’ve reached the top, you still need to implement SEO related tasks and strategies to keep you there. Don’t give up!


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