What are “Insta pods” and how can it affect your business?

Instagram pods are currently the biggest trend on Instagram and making head waves in the marketing industry. So, what is an ‘Insta pod’, you might ask? Well, it is a group of no more than 30 Instagram influencers that agree to follow each other, and constantly like and follow every new bit of content that a fellow member posts.

Why are Influencers forming pods? In 2016, Instagram updated their algorithmic timeline. The new feed order privileges the popularity of posts or, more specifically, the relationship between the poster and the user and the interest of the post. This made it harder for businesses and Instagram influencers alike to increase following and awareness organically. They then decide to join forces in the form of pods. The coordinated nature of these pods means that the Instagram algorithm, tends to favour pods and each influencer becomes more visible.

What can ‘Insta pods’ mean for your business? Many businesses are using these influencers to test their product or service and deliver authentic results on their findings. With the rise of ‘Insta pods’, business should consider a diligent vetting process when choosing an influencer. One criteria must be that the influencer has authentic followers, and not consist of their fellow influencers. Instagram pods are not an authentic way of garnering engagement for content that should be able to stand on its own.

Businesses should focus on how influencers are impacting meaningful business objectives, like sales, rather than solely how many comments their posts receive. Rather build a strong relationship with an influencer that shares the same interests in your brand and who will become the ultimate voice for your brand and company. This will leave a bigger impact in the long run.

As social media experts, we can help your business grow organically and build strong, lasting relationships with your customers. We can ultimate help you find the best brand ambassadors for your business.

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