Using Content Marketing to Convert

Using Content Marketing to Convert

Content Marketing is a popular digital marketing strategy used across all businesses to effectively reach their target audience, by giving them helpful content. But from there, how does one get their content to their audience? Well social media of course, not just any platform but the largest platform to date – Facebook (FB).


I know what you’re thinking, “Facebook is dying” due to the algorithm change.  Don’t worry, here is the Facebook Algorithm explained. According to Joshua Boyd, the rise in fake news across Facebook was receiving a lot more traffic, especially about politics which risked Facebook’s reputation Facebook reclaimed their platforms trust through changing algorithms, although notably, this has taken a knock-on business who post content as they only favour engaging posts – meaning an enormous drop in traffic and leads.


How the Facebook Algorithm works is explained in full depth thanks to Joshua Boyd, who details how the Facebook’s newsfeed is introduced based on four factors – Inventory, Signals, Predictions & Score – basically that Facebook will monitor and distribute content to your feed based off your connections, the engagement on certain posts, your previous behaviors with content and then scores the value of content to determine “relevancy”.

Do not fear as the end is not near! There are still a ton of ways to beat the algorithm and the main key is valuable content that will get people engaged and talking to move your content forward.

Remember, although the algorithm has put a slight setback, Facebook is still the number 1 social platform out there with 1.19 billion users. It still proves to be a cost-effective marketing tool that gathers leads and reaches your target audience which builds brand loyalty and increases website traffic through SEO. Its most effective tool it’s visual insights which allow you to measure performance of your content as well as your competitors. All you need is valuable, relevant content out there!



If you haven’t started promoting your business of Facebook, Facebook pages is the first step. It allows you to distribute your valuable content to build your businesses identity – for free! It helps existing and potential customers follow your page to receive your business updates. Although if you require instant engagement, Facebook paid ads are an option and can work to fit your budget but of course with anything, the more you put in, the more you will receive. Facebook Groups is like pages but are more focused around people rather than your brand. It is an engaging way to create awareness but only members of the group will see your content.  Which one is right for you relies on your marketing objective?

In conclusion this means that content marketing is not only a strategy but is vital to the success of business pages and groups on Facebook which has become a requirement for all businesses big or small.

At Catch the Beat content marketing is the core of our practices. We believe that by providing helpful content, we impact the lives of target audiences which builds on brand loyalty and trust. Try our FREE 2 weeks trail:

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