The Revolution of Clubhouse

From just a year ago, the social media app Clubhouse has been steadily revolutionizing the networking world. While the world has been on lockdown Clubhouse has stepped in and made it possible for people to be able to connect, build relationships and transfer knowledge like never before. It has become a $ Billion business with over 1000 000 users and is increasing day by day.  Entrepreneurs such as Tesla’s Elon Musk and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg made an appearance on the new platform. This caused such a hype that the servers almost crashed.

Although relatively new, Clubhouse is proving to be the King of networking. Within the next year this app will be coming to Android which should increase the following exponentially. If you want to know what all this excitement is about, here is a teaser.

What is Clubhouse?

Clubhouse has been likened to a podcast app, the difference being the listener has the ability to raise their hand and participate in the discussion. The app consists of rooms and in each room a discussion or debate or even a pitch is taking place. If the subject interests you then all you do is enter the room. On entering you will notice the room is divided into 2 sections, the top portion showing the speakers and moderators and the bottom portion, where you are sitting, showing the listeners. Moderators oversee the discussions and have the ability to allow listeners to speak as well as kick people off the stage in case things get a bit out of hand. During the discussion you may want to voice your opinion, all you have to do is press the hand icon and soon one of the moderators will give you access to the stage.

How is this creating opportunities?

Accessibility to wealth, knowledge and experience. Where else can you talk directly to major influencers, pitch business ideas and find Angel investors to seed your new business? Learn from others’ experiences, give value to those who need and gain influence as you build your following empire.  All of this power is at your fingertips!


Build your Clubhouse Kingdom. To do this follow people in the niches you are interested in. Who you follow is your access into conversations.

Start Speaking! A good way will be to find smaller groups to speak in. You will have a better chance to speak in a small group as well as build your confidence.

Follow the moderators and add value to their rooms by sharing your knowledge and experience. Don’t forget to give compliments to the other speakers.

Give Value! Increase your influence and following by adding value. Give tips, guidance and support. Connect people to others and compliment. These are a few ways to add value, be creative with it

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