Sustainable Marketing

The hope for any marketing campaign is to create sustainability and to produce profitability, Right? We want to turn strangers into rapid buyers and raving fans – Predictably! Yet, that is not always the case. So let’s look at what is NOT the problem.  

  • Awareness is NOT the problem
    (the community is well aware of your product and services)
  • Market demand is NOT the problem
    (you clearly have something people want and need)
  • Your product is NOT the problem


The fact is that your product or service is GREAT! 


Marketing is just so much work, and every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks they are marketers… What every business is looking for is a sustainable, profitable marketing strategy that is manageable and of course cost-effective.  The fact is that Sales and Marketing have changed. The way people buy (customer behaviour) is different, especially after COVID. It doesn’t even matter if your business is actually “offline”.  97% of purchasing decisions are starting on the Internet… BUT one thing that has not changed is… HUMANS. Think about it like this H2H = Human to Human Marketing. People still love buying from PEOPLE! 


So, let’s talk about a normal HUMAN relationship. How does it form?

Well usually you see someone at an event, then you start having a conversation, then an exchange of contact details, then the conversation continues and perhaps you meet up again, excitement grows, the relationship is formed over time and eventually, your whole Facebook feed is full of images of this new relationship formed. This is a very shortened version of creating relationships, but I am sure you get the just of it. There are 12 steps in forming intimacy, if you skip steps – that is where trouble happens. 

  1. Eye to body
  2. Eye to eye
  3. Voice to voice
  4. Hand to hand
  5. Arm to shoulder

And so it all goes… 

Can you imagine us meeting for the first time and I immediately go and pet you on the head? THAT is WEIRD and the relationship would probably not go anywhere. Well, a lot of businesses do this when they start going online. They jump into sales and promotion instead of building a relationship with their audience first. 

How do you take a normal HUMAN relationship online, you might ask… Well, here is how! There are 8 easy steps in building relationships online to creating sustainable, predictable and profitable Marketing Campaigns.




AWARE (potential customers need to know you are around) 

ENGAGE (prospects to start talking with you and your business)

SUBSCRIBE (contact information needs to be exchanged)

CONVERT (the prospect actually meets with you)

EXCITE (they like what happened during the meeting) 

ASCEND (you can  now render your core offering)

ADVOCATE (they start talking about your #wordofmouth)

PROMOTE (Customers now refer others to you)

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