Succeed with Social Media!

With Social media use growing by almost 20% each year, companies are increasingly asking for justification regarding social media budgets and what impact Social Media will have on their business. The big question on everybody’s mind is ‘How do you start a successful social media campaign?’
Social media content should add value and spark customer interests, seeing the same old posts is not going to cut it!

Followers are more likely to Unfollow your page. Business should develop a focused and fully integrated content strategy with clear objectives, timely goals, and metrics to measure the impact of their content.
In order to measure your campaign, you have to start with a simple goal. For instance, building an authentic audience, driving traffic to your website, or seeking potential customers. Once you have a goal you can start composing your message, what you want the target audience to know and experience. This can be planned around important dates throughout the year.

It is important to note that you must know what kind of content resonates with the chosen target audience. If you publish high-quality visual content, followers will more likely to organically share it with their followers and the spider-web of connectivity will grow. Rather undergo an in-depth study of your target audience to produce specialised content than publishing broad content that tries to please everyone. People want to be part of a specific community.

Over time you want to know how this social media campaign improved your business and sales. You’ll want to prove all your hard work has paid off! That is why implementing measurement tools are important, such as weekly and monthly reports. For instance, keep track of your follower count, engagement, and likes to measure the success of your campaign. Ultimately, your social media channels are there to give the brand a competitive edge. By simplifying the content process, gaining insight, and using data to determine the next step, you’ll build lasting brand loyalty.

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