Maximising ROI without compromising Customer Experience

We all know a fully integrated strategy across all departments within a company can be very complex. Each department operates with structured Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that may include boosting profitability or customer feedback ratings. The trick is to ensure that all these departments operate in concert with each other so that different objectives can be achieved without hindering the overall success of your company.

In order to implement a cohesive strategy across all departments, the objectives must be clearly defined. For instance, boost the bottom line, increase efficiency and productivity, or achieve a culture of favourable customer experience. When improving your customer experience every step of the customer journey must be viewed, if your customer is not achieving what they want to achieve, then the entire interaction isn’t functional.

Secondly, gather insights. Use the insights available through data analytics to find out where the pain points are, those ‘hiccups, that prevent the customer journey from being a seamless one. These ‘hiccups’ can be, for example, your social media channels and communication channels not being integrated properly or the lack of necessary information on your website. Identifying these pain points and correcting them as quickly and efficiently as possible brings you one step closer to the place where Customer Experience lives and breathes.

Furthermore, gather insights into the processes and workflow from each department. If there are certain processes that can be simplified or improved it can lead to an improved workflow, leaving more time to focus on the ‘pain points’. Customers want fast response, include a messaging or ‘call back’ option on your website and social media sites regarding product information requests.

Lastly, when the workflow is improved you create more time to deal with other issues, this has a direct impact on the efficiency and productivity of the different departments. However, any optimisation needs to be designed around customer needs, preferences and improving the overall customer experience. Great customer experience drives customer loyalty, and retention, delivering a higher customer lifetime value and potentially yielding a long-term Return on Investment that is beyond any initial short-term gains.

Companies should focus on creating personalised, functional service that gets the job done according to customer expectations and preferences, and the rest will follow.

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