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LinkedIn is a social network focused on connecting professionals together. You might already know that, but what might not be aware of is how it is a powerful tool for expanding your reach and improving your business.

Here are 8 tips for marketing on LinkedIn

1) Get Valuable insights from LinkedIn Publisher Stats
The LinkedIn Publisher Stats Feature offers you information such as:
• How many people are viewing each post.
• The length of life of each post.
• Reader Demographics
• Who is engaging with your posts
But how does this info help you the business owner?
Using these stats you can find out if you are reaching your target market and if there are niche markets, and individuals you may have not previously considered targeting.

2)Invest in the Sales Navigator
The Sales Navigator helps you identify potential buyer and prospects. In addition, it helps you engage with decision-makers more effectively, by providing real insights into what potential buyers care about.

Reach without engagement means nothing.

Although the Sales Navigator will cost you money, it is worth it. It can help trigger sales conversations. You can even set up event triggers, which could help you capture more sales leads.

3) Network on the Go
LinkedIn has developed a variety of apps for smart phone or tablet, by posting content to LinkedIn using these you can increase the awareness of your brand. Nurture relationships and connect with others while on the go
The LinkedIn connect app is just one example, and it is a great tool for connecting with prospects, thought leaders as well as congratulating those you know on birthdays promotions and appointments.

4) Optimise your LinkedIn Profile for SEO
Optimise your profile to connect with 364 000 000 people. It is easy just follow these four easy steps. It works well.

1. Add your 3-4 most important target SEO keywords at the top of the LinkedIn company page description. Separate keywords using a special character such as a *. Try to keep it to 90-100 characters.

2. Add a double space and use 150-160 characters to write a compelling sentence about your company. Also include your 2-4 most important target SEO keywords.

3. Next, add a double space again and provide an extended version of the information about your company. We recommend you use about 5-7 variations of your primary target SEO keywords.

4. Google pays quite a bit of attention to the Specialties section of your LinkedIn company page. You have 256 characters and multiple fields available to add your primary and additional SEO target keywords. Use them well.

If it is on the net, it should be optimized for SEO.

5) Market Cleverly
When posting on LinkedIn, research and engage with new users before reaching out with appropriate content to create sales leads.

Here’s what we recommend:

1. Research, find, join and connect with related groups within your niche market.
2. Join the conversation. Like posts and comment with useful insights. Note what’s trending and write it down.
3. Reach out directly. Connect with new people via profile email or InMail. Then, share related, helpful insights. Create content that you can place on your blog, video channel, podcast or in a LinkedIn post. Drive visitors back to your website. Also, remarket where you can, to continue to build your audience.

6) Develop Authority
Write articles about your own business, industry expertise or career experiences to differentiate your company and stand out. Become an influencer.

Here are three simple reasons to publish content on LinkedIn.

1. Position yourself as an industry expert, as the go-to expert in your industry.
2. Increase your reach; you will earn more followers that way.
3. Generate new leads; include a simple call to action either within the post or at the end of your bio section.

7) Keep Track of the Profiles you Visit
Use Dux-Soup. Dux-Soup lets you export a .CSV file of every LinkedIn profile you’ve visited in any given time frame. This .CSV file contains the name of the person whose profile you visited, his or her LinkedIn ID, job title, company name, location, email and phone number.

With one CSV file you can track all the messages you have sent, profiles you have visited and invites you have sent. This makes reporting a lot simpler.

Dux-Soup does cost $15.00 per month, but if you are thinking of doing a large amount of marketing on LinkedIn, it is worth the extra R150 rand. By making reporting easier your LinkedIn marketing will become more efficient.

8) Manage Your Company page like a Hero

The new LinkedIn Company Page Notification Center streamlines how you manage your company page, and helps you better understand what content works and what doesn’t.

Open new Company Page Notification Center dashboard, and you:
• Get an overview of how many likes, comments and shares you’ve received on the updates on your company page and also see how often your company has been mentioned by LinkedIn members.
• View every publicly shared mention of your company on LinkedIn
• See all of the most recent likes, comments and shares your company has received in a single view
• Comment and like as a company representative in response to mentions about your company.

With better insight into how the content and messaging on your LinkedIn company page is performing, you can make better decisions around which types of content to post to better engage with your audience.

In Conclusion

Marketing on LinkedIn is the best way to up your business game. The platform is constantly making improvements, so businesses owners can get more out of it. Explore LinkedIn’s tools, tips, and apps to see which ones work best for you.

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