How to make use of keyword optimization

Have you ever wondered how one can increase their social media interactions? How do you go about attracting more people towards your social media platforms? Are there any secrets as to how this can be achieved?

Well, some might call it a “secret” if you are one to take it to the extreme. However, it is officially known as Keyword Optimization. It all comes down to knowing how to use keywords in order to create more traffic towards your social media platforms.

Let us use Facebook as a common example. When it comes to Facebook pages, you might have realized that most of these pages appear in Google search results.

These Google search results use the Facebook page name, short or brief description, number of likes on your page and the number of people interacting with your page. When it comes to keyword optimization, Facebook pages with keywords used in the name, are usually ranked higher on Google search.

Let us assume that you are a car dealership owner and you need your Facebook page to receive a higher ranking on Google search. The most common word used in this situation would be the word “cars”. Making use of the before mentioned keyword will allow your Facebook page to be found much easier.

The use of keywords is a huge advantage but as mentioned earlier, it is not the only statistic used in order to receive a higher Google search ranking. However, it is a statistic that you can control.

With all that has been mentioned, there are still different methods used for your Facebook page to be seen in a Google search or in a Facebook search. If you want your page to come up on a Google search then the keyword used needs to be found on your pages name. If you want your page to be found on a Facebook search then the keyword used needs to be on your page’s subcategory.

We hope that this information will help you grow your social media presence to its fullest potential.

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