How to integrate Video into your Digital Strategy on a tight budget

It is the year of mobile videos in the marketing world, where it quickly picked up momentum and customers can’t go without their daily dose of digital videos. Time spent on smartphones has continued to increase, and according to marketing statistics, more than 75% of video viewing is mobile.

What does this mean for businesses? Clearly, it is time for businesses to incorporate video into their marketing and advertisement efforts. However, many simply don’t have the time or resources to be spending on video creation, and that can be a major roadblock on the quest for video. Luckily, nowadays businesses and marketers alike can get easier access points to video creation, options that not only help them stick to a reasonable budget but also help them adopt video rapidly.

Don’t adhere to strict definitions: These days the entire definition of video is changing, it is not just for long-form TV advertisement and 30-second pre-roll videos. Think about Instagram and Facebook Stories, Carousel, and Canvas, where videos are stringed together with multiple still images into a slideshow or a rotation. Additionally, visuals like cinemagraphs and boomerang clips also create the desired effect of video in that they grab consumers’ attention as they move.

Do keep it real: Businesses should bring in real content like behind-the-scenes footage that shows how a product is made or a simple product demo filmed with a smartphone. Consumers are more relaxed with the idea that videos don’t have to be a big production.

Don’t drag it out: Businesses and their brands must keep video advertisement short and snackable to ensure their message doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Consumers resonate better with brands that push out the short-form video over brands that adhere to long-form content.

Do play around: Automation enables businesses to test their campaigns and get insights into real-time events, seasons, holidays, and trends. The best-performing video ads will always be the ones that have the most relevance to consumers.

In conclusion, video doesn’t have to be done with a large and expensive production crew. Businesses, big or small, can utilize video advertisement, especially on social formats, like Instagram Stories.

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