How to create a unique customer experience.

In today’s digital world, data is the ‘oil that fuels the 21st century.’ Data is more valuable than ever and businesses need to acknowledge it for the gold mine it has become! The question is how to use this data to your advantage and create an authentic service experience that will keep customers coming back for more?

Customer experience should surpass ‘good service’ and become holistic and extraordinary for each customer, they should feel that they cannot live without your service! With the broad range of data available, businesses can interpret and integrate it into their services for a complete package offering. Take Under Armour as an example, a company that manufactures active wear apparel that has expanded its brand into a lifestyle management hub. They created a connected fitness app that monitors sleep, fitness, weight, activity, and nutrition. With this data, they can provide a better customer service and react faster to customer needs.

Authenticity will win hearts! With real-time data, a business knows what customers purchased as well as what they abandoned. Business knows what customers want, combined with trends and technology, they can create rich content for all digital platforms. Companies should consider immerging technologies such as AR to draw in prospective customers. AR can bring products to life from the shelves such as seeing a virtual model wearing a garment in your size or linking associated products to your recent purchases.

Improve the customers’ journey! Online shopping has added convenience for customers that have less time to visit the store. However, some may prefer to select their shopping by hand, thus businesses must ensure an effortless journey for each customer. Store assistants are the face and personality of the brand and must ensure service is seamless, even if a customer is just browsing.

Great customer experiences in the marketplace will be rewarded, by both consumers and investors. The key to surviving and thriving in the digital age is improving customers’ lives and creating an authentic and seamless experience across all platforms.

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