How can LinkedIn assist you to turn your connections into customers

Today, people share status updates, articles, and interact with each other within a business or professional context. And because LinkedIn has transformed as it used to just be for job seekers only. Your LinkedIn prospecting communications should always allude to the exclusivity and limited availability of whatever it is you are trying to offer.

Nothing makes a stronger and more genuine impression on somebody then when you give selflessly, generously and most importantly without the expectation of receiving anything in return. Send helpful content that you have no personal gain in to a LinkedIn connection simply because you are certain it would be of value to them. They will appreciate the gesture even more knowing that you are not acting selfishly. Go out of your way to connect your quality LinkedIn connections with each other if you feel that they could be of service to one another. It’s like playing Cupid with your friends…nobody ever forgets the person that hooked up a perfect match. Emulate that in business using LinkedIn whenever possible!

People don’t just invest their money into quality products/services, they look for things that have demonstrated a consistent reputation for quality. You can’t just walk the talk, you need to live and breathe the talk. People can smell out a rat instantly and will instantly discredit you if they get a whiff of dishonesty. You need to strive for this consistency with your brand image, values and with any content you put out online.

Share your best blog posts in LinkedIn groups with the aim to start a discussion that engages your ideal clients. Trying different LinkedIn groups will help you figure out which audiences are most receptive and provide the most exposure for your content.

Have you ever not bought something simply because you didn’t like the person who was trying to sell it to you? People buy from people they like. Unless you have some sort of monopoly in your industry, people need to like you before they consider doing business with you.

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, most people create content that’s not built to entertain or educate. They create content that’s in their own self-interest instead of thinking about what value the end consumer is getting out of it.

One of the best ways to become more likeable to prospects on LinkedIn is also one of the simplest: be more relatable. When a prospect can relate to you they have more trust and faith that you understand their problems well enough to help solve them. It is only when someone likes you that you will be able to move a conversation from online to offline. Once you move the relationship offline, you are able to move to the next level and convert a prospect to a client.

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