Do You Need A Market Leader To Help Execute Your Strategy?

 Then you need Daphne Thomson

“I am here to increase your topline by fully optimizing your growth strategies, your marketing, your sales funnel and to streamline your operations.”
Daphne Thomson

Fractional CMO Consulting

Fractional CMO is a process of outsourcing an expert marketing strategist – it is how you ATTRACT and CONVERT qualified prospects.  This is where Daphne comes in! With decades of experience in Digital Marketing, she knows exactly what it takes to design, and implement a marketing strategy that CONVERTS. With the entire world operating online, more and more businesses are realizing the value of Digital Marketing, and why they need to optimize their Digital Assets and strategy!  Through this strategy, Daphne will  show you how to Capitalize on, and optimize your existing Digital Assets so that you see the ROI that you deserve. 
  • Generate leads 
  • Identify Prospects 
  • Expand your sales pipeline

Who Benefits From Fractional CMO?

The short answer is, EVERYONE! If you fall into one of these categories, then you will benefit from hiring Daphne as your Fractional CMO consultant!
  • Entrepreneur 
  • Business Owner 
  • Business Leader
  • Market Leader 
  • CEO 
  • COO 
If you are a leader in any sense of the word – then this is for you!

Do I need Fractional CMO?

You’re in the right place if…

  • Your income is “Feast and Famine”, meaning – one great month is followed by months of uncertainty
  • You struggle with balancing the need to both serve existing clients, and find new ones 
  • You’re tired of losing clients to competitors 
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed – there’s just too much to do, and too little time
  • You know you’re undercharging, but you’re unsure how to combat this 
  • You’ve taken on difficult, and sometimes unprofitable clients, just because you needed the cash flow boost 
  • You find yourself having to do everything, from Sales, to Marketing – it all boils down to you and your availability
  • You have a Facebook page or a website, but it’s not really working for you