Email Marketing is used to increase your client awareness and better position your business!

All email marketing is targeted email marketing. That’s because we work to understand your target audiences, and further refine them into specific reader and buyer personas. We structure email marketing campaigns around what we know about your targeted audiences, ideal customers, and what actions we want them to take. Information such as CRM data, website interactions, prior campaign activity, recent purchases, location data and customer feedback help us determine what content to send to which contacts, when to send it and how to measure success.

Every email your business sends will fall into one of these three categories:​

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Each of these email categories has an obvious primary goal:

Each of these email categories has an obvious primary goal:

Transactional email provides customer service.

Relational email increases engagement and nurturing.

Promotional email is responsible for generating online sales.

Each category of email actually accomplishes much more than its primary purpose. In addition to these obvious primary benefits, email also creates brand awareness, lead generation, and a higher customer retention rate. Help yourself by allowing us to expand your kingdom. Book a free consultation today! There is no obligation; we want to understand a bit about your goals and your marketing vision. During the call we will be able to advise you and direct you to the best services for you and your brand.

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