What Makes A Killer Facebook Ad?

What Makes A Killer Facebook Ad?

What Makes a Killer Facebook Ad?


Without a strategy, advertising can prove to be an expensive and fruitless exercise. You may have created the perfect ad for your product or business, with an image so creative, a child would stop in their tracks to look, and copy so absorbing you could use it as a mop. After publishing your work of art you find that the results are less than optimal, disappointing in fact. 

But, why?

Conversions should be through the roof! Before you start blaming the algorithm, answer this question: 

Did you test?

Sharpen Your Axe


Trying to cut down a tree with a blunt axe is not efficient. You will lose out on Time, Money and Effort. In advertising, the way we sharpen our axes is through accurate, and repeated testing. Good testing can increase ROI 10x. There are many variables to test, here are a few:

  • Creative – Ad images
  • Audience
  • Placements
  • Product set
  • Other variables… Many many more

So what should you test? If you could test all variables that would be great, but that is unrealistic and will end up making your axe blunt again as you waste time, money and effort.


Work smart, not hard. What to test depends on your campaign and the product or service you are providing. For example, if your product is a beard conditioner, there is no reason to test the audience’s identified gender!


Best Practices


Firstly, know your result. It is pointless testing if you don’t know what you want. 


  • CPC
  • Reach
  • Purchases
  • CTR
  • CPR
  • Clicks
  • The list goes on


These are some of the results you can choose to mean something to you. Pick one that is relevant.


Next, start broad, and narrow down. Choose a variable to “A/B” test, eg. Test an audience with a general interest vs. an audience with a specific interest.


After a few days, maybe a week, you will see one ad will outperform the other. Now we have a better idea of who to target. Test the creative next maybe, it’s up to you. Just remember to only test one variable at a time.


A tricky decision to make is how much budget to spend testing? The truth is that you will have to invest in order to develop a potent ad. One important thing to realize is that you will probably end up spending the same amount or less if you test with a large budget. Huh? Well, that is because with more money you will get solid results quickly, saving time. You will be able to make decisions earlier resulting in a killer ad that will end up paying for itself sooner, rather than later. 



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