Facebook’s Near Death Experience

Facebook’s Near Death Experience


Marketing on Facebook encompasses every emotion known to man…

From apprehension to excitement, to frustration and panic. Things can go extremely well, your ads are converting, you are over the moon as your sales/following skyrockets due to your, or your agency’s cunning level of marketing tricks.

And then one day it all comes crashing down as your ad account gets blocked due to reasons unbeknownst to you, or even Facebook.
All you get is “a policy was violated.”

No more info, that is it… what now?



You have just experienced Facebook’s Near Death Experience! I say “near death” because all is not lost yet! 



Why Does Facebook lock Ad Accounts?


Facebook has an algorithm that acts like a policeman, a policeman that is looking to get someone in trouble. The general Facebook user is who this policeman is trying to protect, and the ad creator is who he is protecting the user from. He’s the type that shoots first, asks questions later, then shoots again. I had my ad account shut down without having a single ad running for over a month!


Basically the algorithm checks:

  1. Your ad does not violate any of Facebook’s policies. 
  2. The ad matches the product and landing page
  3. The functionality of the landing page
  4. The ad content, targeting settings and position


It is , however, not perfect and may flag your account for seemingly no reason. 


So what now?


Review Process


As long as you are admin you can request a review for the ad account. This generally takes a couple of days to get a result.


Alternatively there is a way to speak to a human!


To chat with a Facebook representative, on the Facebook Business Help Center home page:

  • Scroll down and choose Get Started.
  • Then choose Get Support on the page that opens.
  • After that, click the Chat button, which will send you to the Contact Support form.


Once you have filled out the details on the support form, click Start Chat. You will now have direct access to a person who can help you navigate the treacherous waters that are Facebook.


Prevention is the best cure


What I’ve learnt to prevent account from being locked is to:

  • READ THE POLICIES EVERY MONTH!! (They change that often)
  • Make sure your ads match your landing page.
  • Speak in third person, the more general the better.
  • Once able, create multiple ad accounts on your business manager. In case you cannot unblock a blocked account it will be very handy to have some more accounts available to you. Remember, once an account is blocked you are unable to create new ad accounts.

If you have found value in this post, and you’re interested in finding out how we can help expand your Kingdom, reach out and book your 15 minute call with Daphne Thomson, founder of Catch The Beat. 


Let’s revolutionize the way that you do business! 

Calendly – Daphne Thomson

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