Organic eCommerce Business Owners transform YOUR Online Kingdom 
to a 6 Figure predictable 
income stream in 180 days through 
8 Easy steps!

Organic eCommerce Store Owners get bombarded with Social
Media and Digital Marketing Agencies ALL the time!

The Majority of the time you are just a number, they focus on whatever they want and have NO personal vested interest in whether you make sale or not - their retainer is paid. Bottom line.

I get it, I used to be one of those agency workers! I know the ins and outs of what really goes down. They show you their best guys but you don't really know if you are actually getting that talent working on your product!

Increasing your Media Spend only will NOT get you more sales!!! It is important yes, but it is a LUXURY!
Here is what I learned that really increases results:
  • TEST TEST TEST TEST - make sure you do at least 20 different tests to make sure you get the optimum ROI
  • ROAS vs ROI - Both are important but ROAS is one to focus on in the Social space
  • EVERGREEN CONTENT - people buy either on impulse or with emotions, make sure you nail this!
  • FOLLOW UP - Statistically, 60% of all sales are made on the 12th follow up
Even though eCommerce is selling online, people still desire human-to-human contact. Direct the way you sell online towards normal human behavior. 

We developed a 8 step process to ensure this happens:


If you say YES to the below, You are the 
IDEAL  King or Queen
of eCommerce that:
  • I want to talk to!
  • Have more that a 65% profit margin
  • Are selling more that $15k per month
  • ​Have an eCommerce Kingdom within the organic or sustainable industries
  • ​Have a real desire to turn your 5-figure store into a
  • ​Figure eCommerce Kingdom within 180 days 
Some of our clients have seen a 30% increase in engagement within 14 days
Others have seen radical sales as soon as 30 days
ALL of my clients get at least 15 hours per week BACK!

If you are tired of mismatching agencies and struggling to move that needle to add another 0 to your sales, I would love to have a chat with you!
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