Building a Powerful Smart LinkedIn Network.

Building a Powerful Smart LinkedIn Network.

LinkedIn can give you exposure and access to important people, help you attract new prospects, keep you in front of existing clients and vendors, spark marketing or business partnership possibilities, generate more introductions and referrals, provide invitations to speak at events or conferences, uncover media or press inquiries and much more. So, why is it essential to Build a Smart LinkedIn Network? 

A smart LinkedIn network doesn’t just happen naturally… Although LinkedIn attempts to help you build a smart network, you still must do your part to cultivate relevant and valuable connections.

The stronger your LinkedIn network, the more you’ll benefit from it.

Building a smart LinkedIn network isn’t just about growing it. Occasionally you’ll want to prune your LinkedIn network to get rid of dated connections. Review, clean up and improve your LinkedIn network over time. Chances are you’ve made some connections on LinkedIn that don’t fit into your targeted network clusters. It’s okay to remove them.

The value of a “smart” LinkedIn network is truly priceless. When you connect and engage with the right people on LinkedIn, professional opportunities will emerge. Plus, you’ll naturally be in a better position to add value to your network members.

A smarter LinkedIn network will open doors for you and your business, so work on it a little each day. The results will outweigh the time you spend cultivating it.

Let’s build a Smart LinkedIn network! 

In building your LinkedIn network, the more selective you are, the more valuable your network is. Where do we start?  

We start by looking at the following as your guide to building your smart network: 

# Invite Existing Contacts to Connect

# Use Discretion Accepting Invitations

# Leverage Your Unique Network

# Use LinkedIn Groups

# Use Advanced Search

Ultimately the intelligence you gather for your LinkedIn profile can be extremely valuable in building your network. As your LinkedIn network expands, you will encounter different new things, expand your reach with the job spectrum and LinkedIn community.

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Let’s revolutionize the way that you do business! 

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