Are you Grounded SA? Here are 5 Steps to Keep your business growth during a LockDown

Shucks, a 21 Day lock down in South Africa. Social Distancing is like being grounded and you are not allowed back at the office. This Lock Down can be devastating to companies all around the world.

Luckily, we live in a technological world full of possibilities. Whilst everyone is at home, the Web will be crawling with potential customers. Best is, you can reach them whilst being in the comfort of your home in your PJ’s. The survival of your business is depending on your adaptability.

Are you going to embrace the online virtual world or are you going to let the fear of the unknown keep you under covers?

Catch the Beat can assist during this time of turmoil. Now can even be a time for business and personal growth! Learn how to make use of all the online platforms to your disposal, take note of your own online presence, take stock of all the admin you never get to… Time is finally on your side!


Here are 5 Steps to keep growing your business during a lock down:

  1. Do an Audit on your LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn and other social media platforms are where most prospecting business opportunities lurk around.

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  1. Make sure your Email Marketing and Communications are in place
  • Email Marketing is still one of the best ways to communicate with your current potential clientele. Since 1971, Emails still have the biggest conversion rate to convert prospects into clients.

Please read more here:

  1. Spend a little time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • I know this sounds rather silly, this is what you do anyway. What I mean is, take special note of what your competitors are doing. How can you improve your own content on these social platforms? Go through the last 10 posts on your company pages and see what can be changed in order to render more value to your clientele.

Feel free to use this link as guidance:


  1. Go through your own Customer’s Journey right from when they first step into your Sales Cycle.
  • Gather information on how your customer would like to be treated, what they would like to experience or even want from you as an organization. Make notes and put strategic plans in place in order to implement.

Read here on how to increase your ROI through the customer process:


  1. Invest some time in SEO.
  • Search Engine Optimization generally takes 3-6 months to show any sort of result. Most entrepreneurs and business owners do not fully understand the process of SEO or why it takes so long. Is this something you can do once off? Take this time to do random searches on Google linked to the services of your business and keep track of which competitors are ranking higher than you.

Read more about SEO here:



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Allow Catch the Beat to turn this time at home into a business growth opportunity!


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