9 Secrets About Prospecting on LinkedIn You Should Know About

Prospecting on LinkedIn is not new. LinkedIn was founded back in 2002 and since then, it has grown into a powerful platform that businesses everywhere leverage to their advantage.

But how exactly do entrepreneurs use LinkedIn to attract new clients? Are there any LinkedIn secrets business owners should know about?

Millions of users around the world can’t be wrong. Although many business owners join the platform, some become quickly disappointed because they don’t get the quick results they expected. Others though, remain active and use prospecting on LinkedIn as a way to engage with myriad potential clients.

Would you like to learn a few LinkedIn secrets yourself? Here are 9 interesting facts about prospecting on LinkedIn you probably didn’t know about (until now).

9 Secrets About Prospecting on LinkedIn

1. You can tap into LinkedIn’s 500 Million user database to find new clients. What better way to market your business than by having access to a huge database of potential clients? Prospecting on LinkedIn has huge potential. You could connect with millions of users and land your next client!

2. Once you rocket past 500 connections, you can market yourself as an authority in your industry. A business owner with few connections inspires little credibility. But the right tools can help you connect with hundreds (or even more) people and look like a real authority within your nice.

3. You can present yourself as an expert in your industry, even if you don’t believe you are. By using the right tools to help prospecting on LinkedIn, you can easily be seen as an expert in your niche!

4. Building and running your business from anywhere is possible with the help of prospecting on LinkedIn. Does running your business from a tropical beach sound good? Once you learn a few LinkedIn secrets, you can use the platform to grow your business from anywhere in the world.

5. You can identify your perfect niche once you get the hang of how LinkedIn works. Unsure what industry best suits your skills? Once you spend enough time prospecting on LinkedIn, you’ll learn what niche is the best fit for you and you can build and grow your business from there.

6. Marketing your business to target clients can be done on LinkedIn for FREE. It’s no secret using LinkedIn is free. And that makes for a huge advantage if you’re looking to attract more clients.

7. You can join groups and find new prospects or even local clients for your business. Want to know one of the best LinkedIn’s secrets? You can create or join existing groups and leverage new ways to prospect even to the wealthiest clients.

8. You can engage and keep in touch with your connections. It’s good business practice to find ways to stay in touch with your clients. And LinkedIn offers you the possibility to market your business to potential customers and stay in touch with them as well, whether or not they become paying clients.

9. You can partner up with elite entrepreneurs to grow your business. Want to know another one of LinkedIn’s secrets? You can join forces with other entrepreneurs and support each other as you grow both businesses.
Making allies with the competition can help in more ways you can imagine.

10 (bonus): You can learn everything about these secrets LinkedIn and more once you take the Client Boom course. The product is designed for entrepreneurs like you who’re ready to grow their business, but are not ready to pay a fortune to do so. With only a small investment, you could land new clients on LinkedIn like a boss and learn everything there is to know about prospecting on LinkedIn.

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