5 Simple LinkedIn Marketing Strategies that turns connections into customers

LinkedIn can achieve a lot more than what meets the eye. If you don’t know already, LinkedIn is growing at a rapid rate, and is currently standing with over 500 million users.

Businesses around the world use LinkedIn to help them connect to a professional global network that has become the largest in the world.

The question still stands – how does one grow their business on LinkedIn?

We gathered 5 linked in marketing strategies that have been tried and tested in achieving business goals.


1. Define your Audience and Goals.

Finding where you would like LinkedIn to take you can help you understand the tools and procedures needed to get there. Take a moment to think about exactly what you would like LinkedIn to provide you. Is it brand awareness? Would you like to generate leads? This will help you define your target audience to identify how to target them on LinkedIn.

2. Setup your LinkedIn Profile & Company Profile (Completely)

Brain Peters from Buffer confirms that company pages that are fully completed receive two times more visitors than incomplete ones. It is essential that every single detail of your page is filled our properly. All of which makes sense right? How can prospects understand exactly who you are if all the information to understand you is not there? Pro tip: Remember, your profile is client facing and must speak to the needs of your target audience.

3. Create relevant, engaging content suited to your audience

Content marketing has increasingly taken over digital marketing platforms, including LinkedIn. It is the most personalised way to interest your audience by giving them advice, along with a solution as to how your business can help with the advice given. This content can be written, images, YouTube video’s, audio or even be slides through SlideShare

4. Promote your Personal & Company Profile outside LinkedIn

Yes, LinkedIn can be a lead generator if used appropriately, but if your current and potential clients do not know that you have a LinkedIn profile, then how else are they going to know you are there. Add your LinkedIn profile to your email signature, share a link to your profile via other social media platforms or bring it up in a conversation. A great avenue is to also encourage  engage your colleagues to engage with your content. The more exposure increases your reach, thus increasing connections, and therefore increasing your target audience.

5. Paid Advertising

Once your content starts to perform, if possible, it is recommended to sponsor your best content. Why? Simply because if you know it is working, it’s a great way to gather a wider target audience that you are sure that will engage with your content and connect with you.

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